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Pixel-oriented adaptive apodization for plane-wave imaging based on recovery of the complete data setFast Acoustic Steering via Tilting electromechanical reflectors (FASTER): a novel method for high volume rate 3-D ultrasound imaging. With figures from publication.
Engineering Faculty Awards on Monday, April 25, 2022.
Welcome YiRang to the lab!
CAM microbubble injections.
Farewell lunch for Jihun.
Winter break 2021!
Figures from “Super-Resolution Ultrasound Localization Microscopy on a Rabbit Liver VX2 Tumor Model: An Initial Feasibility Study”
Optical imaging of chicken chorioallantoic membrane
Ultrafast power Doppler of mouse liver
Microbubbles separation for high-fidelity super-resolution imaging
Ultrasound and optical imaging of the CAM microvessel and confocal imaging of microbubbles
Super-resolution imaging of a rabbit kidney
3D ultra-sensitive microvessel imaging of cancer
Ultrasound shear wave Elastography
Functional ultrasound imaging of the spinal cord

Why ultrasound?

Ultrasound is a valuable and unique modality that can be used to both image and treat patients in the clinic. It is safe, cost-effective, free of ionizing radiation, and widely accessible around the world. Ultrasound-based diagnostic and therapeutic technologies have a clear pathway of clinical translation and achieving global impact on patient care.

What do we do?

Our group focuses on developing and translating cutting-edge ultrasound technologies to close the gap between clinical practice and unmet patient needs. We are currently concentrating on advancing super-resolution microvessel imaging and elasticity imaging technologies to early diagnose cancer and early predict cancer treatment response. We are also actively working on using ultrasound to monitor neural activities in the brain and in the spinal cord.

Join or collaborate with us?

Check out our research projects and publications for more information on our research and resources. Check out our open positions and send an email to Prof. Pengfei Song with questions. We are firm believers in team science. Together we can improve the well-being of patients and make a difference in healthcare.

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